Frequently Asked Questions:                                                                                                                                              

Q-does the printer comes with inks ?

A-no it doesn't .

Q-does the dtg run on a Mac OS?

A-no it works on Windows 7 and 10 only with at least 2GB of Ram and 2.4Ghz of Processor. 

Q-what's the max size it can print?

A-max size is 30cm wide and 42cm long.

Q-whats the max resolution ?

A-5760 x 1440 dpi.

Q-could I set this Dtg with dual cmyk for a faster print ?


Q-can i print white and color at same time ( 1pass print )?

A-Yes our software supports 1 pass,you can print 1 pass white and color at the same time but we don't recommend 1pass print because 1pass is x2 slower already and print quality won't be as vibrant as 2 separate passes because on 1pass print,white ink won't have enough time to dry but on 2 separate passes, white ink will have some time to jell up thus white ink semi-dries before printing color layer on the top. hence, 1 pass neither saves your time nor increases print quality therefore non of the professional people go for 1pass print.

Q-what is the printing time for 1 t-shirt?

A-It depends on the graphic design and size . normally around 1-3 min for white t-shirt and 3-6 min for the dark/black t-shirt.

Q-what is the cost of ink for one t-shirt print ?

A-around 30p for white t-shirt and around £2 for the dark/black t-shirt.

Q-why printing time and cost of print is higher on dark/black t-shirt then white?

A-because on dark/black t-shirt you need to print 2 layers,white ink layer+color layer.

Q-do i need to print white layer on light colored t-shirts?

A-YES / NO. you can try either way to see the differences and go for the one which you like most.

Q-what material t-shirt is good for DTG Print ?

A-100% cotton to 50/50 polycotton.

Q-Which ink is good for this printer ?

A-we recommend Genuine Dupont inks only but if you want you can use any other inks. other inks are not as good as Dupont and can block Printhead sooner.

Q-how much is the inks cost?

A-Dupont ink are from $£145 a litre.

Q-how much inks i need in the beginning ?

A-you need 250ml cyan,250ml magenta,250ml yellow,250ml black and 1lt of white in the beginning.

Q-how do you dry the t-shirt after print,how long it takes to dry ?

A-you need a heat-press machine to dry it.1min press for white t-shirt and 1.5min for the dark/black t-shirt.

Q-what is pre-treatment ?

A-pre-treatment is a kind of fabric glue,it hardens the fabric and gives us a smooth surface to print.

Q-do i need to pre-treat on white or light coloured t-shirts ? 

A-some people do,some don't but picture looks much sharper and vivid with pre-treat.

Q-do i need to pre-treat on black or dark coloured t-shirts ? 

A-yes you must.picture looks awful without pre-treat on dark/black t-shirt.

Q-how do i pre-treat a t-shirt? 

A-some people use a spray bottle,some people use electric wagner spray and some use PT Machine.

Q-whats the best way to pre-treating t-shirts ?

A-using a  PT Machine.

Q-what is the life of this DTG machine ?

A-DTG Printers are not like a microwave,toaster or mixer grinder ones doesn't work you just throw it and bring a new one. dtg printer needs regular maintenance and needs repair time to time and it can go 5-10 years.may be more.

Q-how long the print head lasts ?

A-we can not guarantee it. all it depends how a user uses their printer and what environment .some people blocked their print head in a month and some used same print head for three years.

Q-what environment is good for the printer ?

A-temperature 5-20 °C and  humidity 20-70% is fine. lower and higher then that can damage the printer sooner or later.

Q-how long i can leave printer unused ?

A-we have left our printer unused for two days and no problem.

Q-how many t-shirt do i need to print everyday to keep print head good condition ?

A-doesn't matter how many. firstly you need to check the white ink print quality and CMYK everyday. if white ink and cmyk are printing as good as the day one then you are good to. if not then need some cleaning or maintenance.

Q-do you sell the inks ?

A-no we don't.we will provide you the best places info where you can buy the genuine one.

Q-do you sell the spare parts ?

A-yes we do.

Q-do you lease printer? finance or can buy on installment ?

A- no we don't.

Q-do you repair 3rd party ( other brand ) printer ?

A- no we don't.

Q-what rip software comes with the printer , can i use other rip software  as well?

A-it comes with AcroRIP v9.03 and v8.2.6. yes you can use this printer with other Rip software like EkRip,KothariPrintPro or other rip software which supports sheet mode.

Q-why the printer is so cheap ?

A-we manufacture ,no chain of re-seller or distributors.also we cut down our cost from expensive cosmetic case.we made the printer as simple as possible cutting off all the bells and whistles therefore the selling price is less. as well as there are less things to go wrong.

Q-why the printer is so expensive ?

A-its can't find any dtg printer cheaper then this with same quality and reliability.if you see any cheaper,buy and try then you will see the differences.

Q-How simple is this printer to use ?

A-its the simplest one.

Q-do you do do repairs and services?

A-yes we do as necessary, free for 6 months and payable after 6 months.

Q-where i can buy inks and other consumables ?


cleaning solution

dark shirt pretreatment

light shirt pretreatment

teflon sheet-

silicone paper

pretreater handheld-

heat-press machine

plain t-shirts



Max print size - A3

Max resolution - 5760 x 1440 dpi

Software - Very easy to use,easy to learn,free for unlimated pc

Comes with inks - No

Price tag £2,300.00

Cost of ownership -TCO - Low

Investment Risk - Less

Return On Investment - ROI - Short time,only 500 prints

Print speed - 20-30 white shirts,10-20 black shirts/hour

Print Head height adjustment - Yes

Works on mac - No

Supports one pass printing - Yes

Transportation - only 21 kg,easy to transport

Training on collection - Yes

Online remotely set up - Yes

Waste ink pad reset software - Yes, free unlimited for 1 pc.

Technical support - 10am-6pm 5 days a week

Service charge after warranty  - Low

Repairing time - Same day/same time - max a week.

Spare parts cost- Inexpensive

Repairing yourself - Easy

Printer easy to clean - Yes

Reliability - Yes

Durability - Yes

Running capacity - 24 hr non stop 

Terms & Condition - Short / simple / transparent / warranty covers everything a part of a printhead / warranty on lost or damage on delivery


Max print size - A3

Max resolution - 1440x1440 dpi

Software - Complicated software,hard to learn , limited to 1 pc

Comes with ink - Yes

Price tag £9,000.00

Cost of ownership -TCO - High

Investment Risk - High

Return On Investment - ROI - long time, 1500 prints

Print speed - 20-30 white shirts,10-20 black shirts/hour

Print Head height adjustment - Yes 

Works on mac - No

Supports one pass printing - Yes

Transportation-around 60kg -120kg, heavy and bulky to transport

Training on collection - Yes

Online remotely set up - Don't know

Waste ink pad reset software - No need to pay for each reset.

Technical support - 9am - 5pm, 5 days a week

Service charge after warranty  - Very high

Repairing time - Need to wait many days,some cases a month

Spare parts cost- Expensive

Repairing yourself - Not easy

Printer easy to clean - Not sure

Reliability - Not sure

Durability - Not sure

Running capacity - Not sure

Terms & condition - Too long / complicated / can't understand / almost no warranty for most of the parts / no warranty on lost or damage on delivery

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