GbDtg is the best direct to garment printer you can buy on the market today at this price range without sacrificing the reliability,durability and the built quality.

As you can see there are many kind of dtg printer in the market with different name and brands. some are around £ 9k and some are cheap as well. if you read on forums,people are still having many kind of technical issues and company's after sells support is poor and the service charges is too high. and also after the warranty time they even don't want to know you who you are.

the situation can be worst once your printer stops working specially after 5pm or on weekends or bank holidays,its impossible to reach to them or you won't get your email replied until 9am next working day .


In 2011, when i first started researching about direct to garment printer, they were almost unknown to normal people because they were around £ 20k,30k the cheapest one. which was far beyond from a person who want to start a tshirt printing business with a low budget.though,there were,screen printing, vinyl cutter,sublimation and transfer papers but they have some limitation and they are not so easy.

After a deep research,i figured out that all of the Dtg printer being sold for £ 20k,30k were based on epson printer. they use the epson print head and engine and modify their own flatbed transportation system and they use different cosmetic metal cover to hide the secret. their built design was also traditionally engineered mechanical and electronic wise.which were adding their cost.

    I came with a new idea ''why not make a Dtg as simple as possible and as inexpensive as possible so that people who want to go into the direct to garment printing business with a small budget can afford it''. 


I started to working on it, after a long and hard day and night experiments, end of the day i figured that out the working principle of the Dtg printer and able to innovate a flatbed transportation mechanism system and an electronic controller system to control that with a very less components and a very low cost. hence,we were the first lunched a Dtg printer with electronically controlled on the market at less then £3k without sacrificing the reliability,durability and the built quality. not only that,we are the first smallest electronic ''MCU'' micro controller unit developer with color touch screen interface for the direct to garment printer.





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